1967 Gibson SG Melody Maker

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1967 Gibson SG Melody Maker
Gibson Melody Maker Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1967), made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, serial # 590032, red lacquer finish, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, molded plastic hard shell case. This is the final iteration of the Melody Maker, Gibson's entry level solid body of the 1960's. This version debuted in 1966 and was sold into the end of the decade, when the Melody Maker name was retired. These fully evolved Melody Makers streamlined factory effort by using the standard SG body shape, "for the kids" finished in one of several eye-catching solid-color finishes-Cardinal Red in this case.
Slim neck, one single coil pickup and Gibson vibrola this is a lean little rock machine; not as dark or crunchy-sounding as an SG but potent in its own right. A great value in a solid body at the time, and a fine value in a 46-year old vintage Gibson today
Super clean all-original condition with just some checking and minor dings to the finish-almost looks like it's been sitting in some music store basement since the early '70's. Complete except the vibrato arm and string-mounting bar section are missing, and the guitar set up as a stoptail-which is a better playing situation on most of these!