• Budda ZenMan OD/Boost Pedal


    Budda ZenMan OD/Boost Pedal

    For more than 15 years, Budda Amplification has led the low wattage boutique amplifier revolution. Now Budda proudly introduces the Zenman Overdrive/Boost pedal. With a wide range of distortion tones from smooth overdrive to all out crunch and grind, the...

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  • Daredevil Pedals Logan Square Destroyer Fuzz Pedal

    Daredevil Pedals Logan Square Destroyer Fuzz Pedal

    Founded by a touring guitarist dissatisfied with the high prices on boutique effects, Daredevil Pedals crafts small-batch, handmade pedals and operates out of Chicago, Il.The Logan Square Destroyer is a silicon-based fuzz designed to emulate the sound of...

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  • Diamond Pedals Cornerstone Overdrive

    Diamond Pedals Cornerstone Overdrive

    This pedal is near mint condition. No scratches or wear to be seen. It sounds great, the switch works perfectly, the jacks operate without any issues, and the knobs turn silently without any scratchiness. Save yourself some money and buy an essentially...

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  • Earthquaker Organizer


    Earthquaker Organizer

    The Organizer V2 is an update to EarthQuaker Devices popular polyphonic organ emulator.  Designed to mimic the organ tones of yesteryear crossed with the highly unique “Guitorgan”. It has a warm and very analog feel with a hint of Leslie...

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  • Fuhrmann  Boutique Tremolo Pedal


    Fuhrmann Boutique Tremolo Pedal

    Not  a lot of info on these pedals, but it's got a very robust and versatile sound to it. It definitely can go from subtle to full on on/off tremolo. The pedal is in great condition with only some minor signs of use, and it works just like a brand...

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  • J Rocket Josh Smith Dual Trem

    J Rocket Josh Smith Dual Trem

    J.Rocket , Josh Smith, Dual Trem , Excellent condition    A versatile tremolo designed to sound like early leo amps with a working musician in mind. The Josh Smith Dual Trem is a collaborative effort between Josh, Rockett Pedals and Tim...

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  • Mapex 14 Inch Gold Sparkle Snare Drum


    Mapex 14 Inch Gold Sparkle Snare Drum

    This is a great snare to liven up a kit both with its looks and tone. It's in great condition with only some minor corrosion on the snare lock, though this doesn't affect the functionality of the lock itself.

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  • Port City Salem Boost Pedal

    Port City Salem Boost Pedal

    The Salem Boost is a single JFET boost that is perfect for pushing tube amps into a higher level of overdrive, adding dynamics, or repairing signal loss from long cable runs. The Salem Boost is NOT an overdrive pedal. It’s a true bypass,...

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  • VauxFlores Number 23 Fuzz Pedal


    VauxFlores Number 23 Fuzz Pedal

    Introducing the new VauxFlores Number 23 – a fuzz-centric buzz-box with just a splash of upper octave cream and heterodyned, atonal artifacts with a sound few compare to. Designed in San José, Costa Rica, each box is hand-built to exacting...

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