• Ibanez Compressor Limiter CPL


    Ibanez Compressor Limiter CPL

    A compressor limiter. Later the pedal was re-released as the CP-10 compressor in the 10-series. Circuitwise the CPL and therefore the CP10 are similar to the CP-9 except for the VCA used. In the CP-9 half of a LM13600 OTA was used. In the CPL this OTA...

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  • Nobels CH-D Digital Stereo Chorus

    Nobels CH-D Digital Stereo Chorus

    This is a cool little vintage pedal. It sounds great, and is similar to an Arion pedal or something in that ballpark. Condition on this pedal is fantastic, and it shows little wear.

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  • Visual Sound Son of Hyde

    Visual Sound

    Visual Sound Son of Hyde

    Visual Sound took the Hyde distortion channel from the V2 Jekyll and Hyde to create the V2 Son of Hyde distortion pedal. A heavy overdrive with tons of bottom and extreme versatility the V2SOH invites you to use its EQ to scoop out the midrange for a...

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