Aphex Aural Exciter 104 Type C2 (2000)

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Aphex Aural Exciter 104 Type C2 (2000)

The Aphex Aural Exciter is a legendary piece of gear in the studio community. It's a fantastic way to shape sounds without boosting actual gain, making it ideal for having a clean mix. This makes it a great unit for mastering, or adding to a mix bus. The added Big Bottom really opens up a lot of extra uses with this unit. Great for adding to floor toms, kick or even bass guitar. It's also a neat effect to put in the FX loop of a guitar amp. You can really thicken up a combo amp or just any amp that sounds too "boxy".


This unit is dated 2000, so it's pretty new. There is some rack rash, and the holes on the ears are a little chewed up, but the ears themselves are completely straight so this will fit in to any 19" rack with no problems.

The power supply is not included with this listing, however an 18VAC supply will work just fine instead of 24.