D'Angelico EX-SD solid body electric w/hard case

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D'Angelico EX-SD solid body electric w/hard case

This is a very beautiful axe that plays likea dream. Whether you play Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, or anything in between this guitar is a great fit for all. The white body, and gold hardware look fantastic, but what really sets this off are the real mother of pearl inlays adorned on the fretboard. The neck has a fairly average thickness to it - definitely nothing that gets in the way. It has  a stadard stop bar tailpiece, and a very handy tune o matic style bridge with thumbposts that can be adjusted with an allen wrench, making on the spot setups a breeze - very handy! The Armstrong  pickups on this instrument sound very clear and articulate. You might say this instrument is upgrade proof, as it has all of the elements of a fully upgraded guitar. Truly a plug and play experience.

Condition on this guitar is excellent, with the only significant wear being scratches on the pickguard from being played. The pickup covers also show some wear, but this inevitably happens on any guitar with pickup covers.

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