• Zildjian ZBTP390-A 5-Cymbal Set-Up


    Zildjian ZBTP390-A 5-Cymbal Set-Up

    Quality Bronze Cymbals for an Amazing Price! If you want a cutting cymbal sound, drummers know you can't go wrong with Zildjian. The Zildjian ZBT 5 Box Set gives you the sharp and focused "chick" of a pair of 14" ZBT hi-hats, the explosive impact of a...

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  • Zildjian SROCKXL 5-Cymbal Set-Up


    Zildjian SROCKXL 5-Cymbal Set-Up

    Cutting Cymbal Sound for Rock and Metal Step up to real Zildjian bronze at an intermediate price with the aggressive and explosive Zildjian S-series Rock Pack. This full set of cymbals includes hi-hats, two crashes, and a ride to furnish any core kit -...

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  • Stagg TTG-36 36-Inch Tam Tam Gong with Stand and Mallet


    Stagg TTG-36 36-Inch Tam Tam Gong with Stand and Mallet

    Made with B20 alloy and an expansive 36 inch diameter, this beast of a gong makes for an incredible value that delivers great tone without the sticker shock of other gongs. Most other sites do not have these stocked, and ours is brand new and ready to...

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