• Big Joe B-301 Tube

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe B-301 Tube

    This overdrive pedal features a screaming tube-amp tone profile typically associated with rock/blues guitar. It has Gain, Level and Tone controls. The Tone knob is mid-range sensitive which improves clarity and responsiveness, and helps keep the sound...

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  • Big Joe B-309 Texas Screamer

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe B-309 Texas Screamer

    Developed in collaboration with Johnny Winter, the Texas Screamer captures Johnny’s signature tone in a rugged, small foot print, 3-knob design pedal. The Texas Screamer is 100% analog with true bypass circuitry. With just 3 basic knobs: Gain,...

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  • Big Joe PB-107 Power Box

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe PB-107 Power Box

    The new Power Box Lithium is a small footprint rechargeable, 9v 500ma Lithium Battery Power Supply capable of powering multiple pedals, pedal boards and high current draw effects.  Innovative, Smart Battery, display technology shows current draw,...

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  • Big Joe B-308 CompBox

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe B-308 CompBox

    Big Joe B-308 Compbox compressor effects pedal. Features Compressor effects pedal Optical Compressor Analog True bypass Controls for Tone, Compression and Output 2-way Attack, Release, and Range Metal housing, built like a tank Status LED 6.3...

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  • Big Joe B-404 Overdrive Pedal

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe B-404 Overdrive Pedal

    Here we have a B-404 vintage drive pedal from the good folks at Big Joe Stomp Box Company. Here’s what they have to say about their pedal: Runs on 9v-18v. Four tasty, tube amp profiles with different combinations of warmth, bark, bite and attack...

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  • Big Joe PB-101 Power Box

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe PB-101 Power Box

    Isolated power is the best way to protect your signal path from unwanted noise and interference. The Big Joe Power Box provides eight Isolated, noise free, 9v  DC power outputs: six 100mA and two 300mA.  Various switch combinations allow...

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  • Big Joe R-408 Phaser

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe R-408 Phaser

    SIGNATURE 9v Buttery smooth vintage analog sound with variable mix control. Ultra-warm, with full range response this little gem adds shimmer to lead licks or swooshing resonance to muted strumming. Variable feedback control adjusts from classic phase...

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  • Big Joe B-502 Empire

    Big Joe Pedals

    Big Joe B-502 Empire

    Big Joe Stomp Box Company, in collaboration with Paul “TFO” Allen, announces the release of their dual-preamp EMPIRE overdrive pedal, complete with an Adjustable Buffer/Line Driver, unique Sponge/Firm modes, and innovative Body and Attack...

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