• 1967 Gibson SG Melody Maker

    1967 Gibson SG Melody Maker

    Gibson Melody Maker Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1967), made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, serial # 590032, red lacquer finish, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, molded plastic hard shell case. This is the final iteration of the Melody...

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  • 1974 Fender Mustang Electric Guitar (3 Tone Sunburst)


    1974 Fender Mustang Electric Guitar (3 Tone Sunburst)

    One of the cooler guitars we've had through here recently is this 1974 Mustang. It has tons of tonal options with the three way switches for each pickup. You can put the pickups in and out of phase, series or parallel and more. This guitar makes for an...

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  • 1983 Kramer Floyd Rose Signature


    1983 Kramer Floyd Rose Signature

    Here is a rare and outrageous guitar.  This is a Kramer 1983 Floyd Rose Signature guitar.  The parts were manufactured in Japan and then assembled in the United States.  It couldn't be a Floyd Rose signature model without the famed dual...

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  • Aria Diamond (1967)


    Aria Diamond (1967)

    Here we have an Aria Diamond that was made in Japan in 1967 and is still rockin'.  Of course it has play and travel wear throughout but that just adds to the character.  It still plays and sounds great.  Don't miss your chance to grab this...

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  • Autographed Reverend Rick Vito - OCEANSIDE GREEN


    Autographed Reverend Rick Vito - OCEANSIDE GREEN

    Designed in collaboration with Grammy nominated rock and blues artist Rick Vito, this Art Deco masterpiece is a visual and sonic treat. Rick is a good friend of the store and came to the shop to personally sign this guitar!!!  What an awesome...

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  • D'Angelico EX-SD solid body electric w/hard case


    D'Angelico EX-SD solid body electric w/hard case

    This is a very beautiful axe that plays likea dream. Whether you play Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, or anything in between this guitar is a great fit for all. The white body, and gold hardware look fantastic, but what really sets this off are the real mother...

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  • Dean Black Gold Flying V Trans-Black


    Dean Black Gold Flying V Trans-Black

    This is a stunning axe with tone to boot. It has been upgraded with Dimarzio pickups, and is setup to play fast. The neck feels very similar to a slim Gibson profile, but has enough width on it for some wide vibrato. It has a very cool flame top on it in...

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  • Dean Colt STD (Demo)


    Dean Colt STD (Demo)

    This is a store floor demo model so has very minor play wear but is in excellent condition.  Thanks for looking!!! The Dean Colt Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar offers a classic look with some modern technology to create a guitar that exceeds...

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  • Dean Nash Vegas


    Dean Nash Vegas

    This is one great playing guitar.  It combines the classic telecaster body style with the added output and thickness of dual humbucking pickups.  This is just a pleasure to play.  Pick it up today!!!!

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  • Dean Peace Sells Flying V


    Dean Peace Sells Flying V

    This guitar definitely makes a statement.  From the flying V shape, to the impressive graphic on the body, this thing screams that you came to rock.  The dual humbuckers have a very aggressive sound that still maintain great clarity.  This...

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  • Dean Stylist STD


    Dean Stylist STD

    This is a seriously classy and smooth sounding guitar.  You get all of those great jazz tones without having the huge jazz box body.  It is a gorgeous guitar that is sure to turn heads.  Grab it today! Features: 15" Body Width Flame...

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  • Eastwood Classic 6


    Eastwood Classic 6

    The Eastwood Classic 6 just has a super cool retro design to it.  The Bigsby just enhances its classic vibe.  We love guitars that you just don't see every day and this definitely qualifies.  Not only does it look great, it sounds and...

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