Electro Voice ND44

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Electro Voice ND44

Low-profile Dynamic Pivots into Tight Positions

When every inch of space counts, the EV ND44 drum and instrument microphone has you covered. This mic's low-profile capsule and offset XLR jack make it extremely easy to position on studio drums directly under cymbals and hi-hats, or on stage amps without fear of it being clipped and knocked over. The Electro-Voice ND44 is a large-diaphragm dynamic with a big, full sound and tight polar pattern to capture a realistic picture of your drum kit or guitar cab without excess stage and room noise. An internal shockmount helps to prevent sympathetic vibrations from eating up your headroom. We know drummers and live sound engineers will appreciate the ND44's included rim clamp, which lets you install and dismount your ND44 in seconds without screws.

Electro-Voice ND44 Drum/Instrument Microphone at a Glance:

  • The Electro-Voice ND series picks up where N/DYM left off
  • Innovative DRC-2 rim clamp secures to drum hoops without screws

The Electro-Voice ND series picks up where N/DYM left off

For years, EV's N/DYM series of live and studio dynamic microphones have been a beacon of hope to us low-enders and live-sounders. And now Electro-Voice promises to deliver even better performance with its EV ND collection. This line includes eight new vocal, drum, amp, and instrument mics to cover a wide range of stage and studio needs. Beneath the dent-resistant Memraflex grilles are redesigned large-diaphragm capsules with humbucking coils and internal shockmounts to capture a rich, musical sound with low noise - all on a budget. When you need dependable performance on a workingman's income, sound professionals encourage you to check out Electro-Voice ND microphones.

Innovative DRC-2 rim clamp secures to drum hoops without screws

Live sound engineers know that swapping out drum mics between bands can be a pain. Electro-Voice seeks to simplify this process with its non-fastening DRC-2 rim clamp - just pull to remove and push to reinstall. A ring loop allows you to mount the clamp to toms, floor toms, and snare drums with just one hand, and a series of soft teeth effectively locks the DRC-2 just where you need it.

Electro-Voice ND44 Drum/Instrument Microphone with Rim Clamp Features:

  • Large-diaphragm dynamic mic with a robust, detailed sound
  • Excels at close-miking drums, amps, and brass
  • Pivoting low-profile head takes up minimal space on toms and guitar cabs
  • Offset XLR jack stays out of the way
  • Tight cardioid polar pattern paints a realistic picture of your source with low room noise
  • Humbucking coil resists EMF noise
  • Included DRC-2 drum rim clamp installs/dismounts without screws

Get solid drum and guitar sounds on a budget with the low-profile Electro-Voice ND44 microphone!

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