Focal Alpha 80 (Pair)

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Focal Alpha 80 (Pair)

These monitors are absolutely killer.  They cost $1100 new for the pair.  Get them today for under $700.  You just can't beat that!!!!


Flagship of the line, Alpha 80 is particularly ideal for producing music which is rich in bass or which requires high power reserves. This model is composed of a 8” (21cm) woofer/ midrange speaker with a Polyglass cone loaded in a large laminar port and of a 1" (25mm) aluminum inverted dome tweeter. It features a 40W amplifier for the tweeter and a 100W amplifier for the woofer, and has a frequency response of 35Hz to 22kHz (+/- 3dB).


  • professional active 2-way monitors, flagship model
  • 8" woofer/midrange + 1" aluminum inverted dome tweeter, delivers rich bass and clear highs
  • low directivity, keeps the same sound throughout the room
  • neutral sound with no distortion for critical monitoring + mixing
  • connect up to 2 audio sources via XLR + RCA, sold as pair