G&L Double Barrel Vari-Boost

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G&L Double Barrel Vari-Boost

Just like with their guitars you get the same exceptional quality with this pedal. This pedal is great for getting natural overdrive out of a clean amp, or for putting in an FX loop to boost your volume. The Hi and Lo knobs are definitely a plus as well.


30dB of clean boost with the tools to tailor it to your individual tone.

The Double Barrel is a 30dB clean boost that allows the player flexibility to fine-tune the overall Lo and Hi-end response of their tone. With the use of the Vari-Lo and Vari-Hi controls the Double Barrel enables the player to restrict lows from becoming boomy and highs from getting too bright.

The Double Barrel is constructed of military-grade PCB, hand-wired potentiometers, jacks and switches and 1% tolerance resistors. Five-year limited warranty.

  • 30dB clean boost
  • Gain and 3-position variable Lo and Hi controls
  • Bakelite black knobs
  • Military-grade PCB
  • Hand-wired components and potentiometers
  • True hardwire bypass