German Stradivarius Copy Fiddle

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German Stradivarius Copy Fiddle

This is a super cool German made fiddle.  Regardless of how amazing it sounds it has very unique appointments.  Having the guitar style tuners is super cool.  Most places around town would ask three times what we are asking...  It is very hard to put an exact year on this instrument like many fiddles so we don't want to speculate too close, but this is most likely 70-90 years old.  This was brought in by a local fiddle player.  Like most things its age, it has had repairs that you will clearly see in the photos.  The most obvious is on the top of the fiddle's left by the f-hole.  All repairs were professionally done and the instrument is in perfect structural form and sings like it should.  The back is simply gorgeous.  Feel free to contact us with more details on this instrument.  Thanks for looking.

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