Native Instruments B4D Drawbar Controller

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Native Instruments B4D Drawbar Controller

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Real Drawbars For Your NI B4!

With the B4D Drawbar Controller, Native Instruments gives you a perfect hardware controller for the B4 software organ, allowing you to control your organ sound with an authentic drawbar feel. The sturdy B4D drawbar controller offers nine mechanical drawbars, 22 buttons, and 2 knobs for intuitive control over the most important B4 sound parameters. The B4D controller's nine drawbars can access any of the three B4 drawbar groups. You can control the rotary speaker, vibrato/chorus, percussion, recall presets on the fly and change the volume and overdrive with the buttons and knobs. Playing the B4 is more dynamic and authentic than ever before with the B4D! Perfect control for your B4 sound! The B4D controller's sturdy housing is made of high-quality metal and wood. The handy drawbars, precise buttons, and stable knobs provide a direct and intuitive playing feel for controlling the B4's most important parameters: sound character, presets, rotator, percussion, vibrato/chorus, volume, and overdrive. Quick access for easy control Each of the B4's drawbar groups can be accessed quickly using the switches for Upper, Lower, and Bass. LED lights indicate the current position of the buttons, letting you switch quickly between the different groups when playing live. Perfect integration with your B4! The B4D connects to your computer via MIDI. When you alter settings on the B4D or directly in the software, the changes are immediately communicated between program and controller. This guarantees a perfect match between hardware and software. On the back of the B4D you'll find MIDI in and out, plus additional connections for a sustain pedal, two foot switches, and other B4D units. Native Instruments B4D Drawbar Controller Features:

  • Sturdy hardware controller for realistic control over B4 parameters
  • Nine drawbars and 22 buttons, all assignable
  • Drawbars can access any of three B4 drawbar groups
  • LEDs clearly display button positions for ease in live use
  • Multiple B4Ds can be chained together
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