Peavey Millenium 4

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Peavey Millenium 4

Immense Quality at an Affordable Price

Peavey's Millennium 4-string electric bass guitar delivers top-notch construction and aesthetics in an amazingly affordable package. The basswood body is capped with a highly quilted maple veneer for a boutique look that will command attention at any gig. A pair of single-coil pickups provides the bass's voice, and the Millennium 4's 34" scale neck boasts a Peavey proprietary PowerPlate addition that adds mass to the headstock. This invention increases sustain and eliminates any dead spots along the fretboard. Professionals and beginners alike will love Peavey's Millennium 4 4-string bass.



This item is a store floor model but IS NEW and comes with the full manufacturer warranty!  The pictures are stock photos of the item and are not of the actual product up for sale.  Feel free to request pictures of the actual item.  You can contact us through our website with any requests and/or questions.  Thanks for looking!!!

Peavey Millennium 4 Electric Bass Guitar at a Glance:

  • Even tonality with a beautiful look
  • Versatile and simple electronics package
  • Familiar neck with PowerPlate technology

Even tonality with a beautiful look

The Millennium 4's gorgeous quilted maple veneer top will immediately catch your attention. But its beautiful lines are more than skin deep. The maple caps a basswood body that sounds even across the frequency spectrum. And its contouring offers an extended upper horn to ensure the Millennium balances wonderfully whether strapped on or being played sitting down. And the lower cutaway is deep enough so you have complete access to all 21 frets when chording or melodic playing is required.

Versatile and simple electronics package

The dual single-coil pickups arrangement has long been a favorite at Sweetwater for the way it has provided plenty of low-end meat with superb clarity. Solo the neck pickup for round tones with plenty of thump. Dial in the bridge pickup individually to nail Jaco-style tones. Or run both pickups simultaneously for a hum-canceling sound that works as well for fat slap tones as it does for grabbing a pick and grinding your way through rock riffs.

Familiar neck with PowerPlate technology

The Millennium 4 electric 4-string bass's maple and rosewood neck construction will be immediately familiar in your hands. Its 34" scale length has long been a standard for 4-string electric bass guitars. And its 5-bolt construction offers a snap and attack that you won't find with set neck construction. On the back of the headstock, you'll find Peavey's very own PowerPlate installed. This simple technology greatly increases sustain. And the added mass on the headstock works to eliminate any dead spots along the Millennium 4's fretboard.

Peavey Millennium 4 Electric Bass Guitar Features:

  • Affordable 4-string bass with a premium look and construction
  • Stunning quilt maple veneer top
  • PowerPlate adds mass to the neck and eliminates dead spots
  • Dual single-coil pickups are a popular bass combination
  • Familiar 34" scale length
  • Ergonomic body design for balance and comfort

Peavey's Millenium 4 bass guitar is better than ever.

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