Peavey Spectrum Bass

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Peavey Spectrum Bass

The Peavey DPM Spectrum Bass MIDI module was released in 1993. DPM stands for Digital Phase Modulation Synthesizer. The unit is a sample playback module of 1 megabyte of sample rom. Its an 8 voice polyphonic and 4 part multitimbral MIDI module in a 1U rack size.

The rom samples are of various synthesizer and bass guitar sounds run through a dynamic resonant filter. The MIDI implementation is deep and allows for full editing in real time of all parameters as well as sound programming.

The instrument offers MIDI IN/OUT/Thru and can be run in stereo or mono. There is a special Legato Mode for performance and it was also created to interface with Peavey's Cyber Bass and MIDI Bass guitar controllers.

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