• Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2

    Native Instruments

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2

    This is a great system for recording almost any type of guitar sound.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using this because you can record with one sound then just go back and replace the amp, the cab, the effects, the order of the effect chain etc. until...

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  • Peavey Spectrum Bass


    Peavey Spectrum Bass

    The Peavey DPM Spectrum Bass MIDI module was released in 1993. DPM stands for Digital Phase Modulation Synthesizer. The unit is a sample playback module of 1 megabyte of sample rom. Its an 8 voice polyphonic and 4 part multitimbral MIDI module in a 1U...

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  • Roland DEP-3 Vocal Processor


    Roland DEP-3 Vocal Processor

    The son of the late, great Larrie Londin brought this into the shop.  He used this in the studio and you should use it in yours!  He still has presets saved but of course you can save your own as well.  Don't miss out on this awesome...

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  • Royer R-122 Ribbon Microphone


    Royer R-122 Ribbon Microphone

    The R-122 is the world's first active ribbon™ microphone. Designed to work with phantom power, it delivers all of the warm, natural tone of Royer’s R-121, but with +14dB greater output and impedance matching circuitry that makes it compatible...

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  • Shure PGA27


    Shure PGA27

    Dependable Shure Sound Quality Use the Shure PGA27 large diaphragm condenser microphone to capture vocals, acoustic instruments, and bass-heavy sources with great results. The wide frequency response and high SPL handling make the PGA27 ideal for...

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  • Tech 21 Midi Mouse

    TECH 21

    Tech 21 Midi Mouse

    A Compact, Effective MIDI Foot Controller! The Tech 21 MIDI Mouse gives you a fuss-free way to access up to 128 patches on 16 selectable channels, with a lightweight, compact design that lets you take it anywhere! MIDI Mouse features Up and Down...

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  • Universal Audio 2-610

    Universal Audio

    Universal Audio 2-610

    Legendary Tube Pre — Times Two The 2-610 mic preamp/EQ from Universal Audio brings the best of their preamp designs to a dual-channel format. The 2-610 features the solid build and audiophile components that define UA quality. Based on the preamps...

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  • Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

    Universal Audio

    Universal Audio LA-610 MKII

    Legendary LA-2A and 610 Mic Pre in One! The LA-610 MkII brings Universal Audio's legendary vintage all-tube sound into a modern channel strip format by combining their 610 mic pre/EQ/DI and T4 opto compressor into a single 2U chassis with a pricetag any...

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  • USB Podcast Mic

    USB Podcast Mic

    Here we have a usb podcast mic that wants you to spread your word to the masses.  It's super cool and fun!  Pick it up today!!!

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  • Valley Gatex

    Valley Gatex

    The Valley Gatex consists of 4 Independent channels. They can do gating, expansion, and envelope following.  This is a great USA made piece of gear for stage or studio.  Grab it today!!! 

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