• 1948 C.G. Conn Cornet Elkhart Indiana w/Case


    1948 C.G. Conn Cornet Elkhart Indiana w/Case

    This Conn Cornet is in amazing shape considering it was built in 1948! The mother of pearl topped keys all function as they should and feel better than just about anything you can buy made today. This horn was made in Elkhart Indiana, so the production...

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    Hard to find one this pristine and the case is in good shape considering age. smoking little lap steel This 1956 "Chicagoan" was manufactured by Valco of Chicago.  The firm was founded by three former National Dobro Co. personnel thus the brand...

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  • 1967 Gibson SG Melody Maker

    1967 Gibson SG Melody Maker

    Gibson Melody Maker Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1967), made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, serial # 590032, red lacquer finish, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, molded plastic hard shell case. This is the final iteration of the Melody...

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  • 1970's Ludwig 10" x 14" Parade Drum - Mahogany Cortex


    1970's Ludwig 10" x 14" Parade Drum - Mahogany Cortex

    Here's an interesting piece. A vintage (1970's) 10" x 14" parade drum in Mahogany Cortex finish (wrap). This would be a "project drum" as it comes *AS IS* and is not complete. It is missing the snare wires and part of the snare strainer itself is missing...

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  • 1973 Fender Twin Reverb


    1973 Fender Twin Reverb

    This is one of the most iconic amps ever made. It's a true American classic.  This was built in 1973 and is all original.  This was the first year that they made the amps 100 watts so this is quite powerful.  It obviously shows its age...

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  • 1978 Takamine F349


    1978 Takamine F349

    The Takamine F-349 guitars manufactured in the late 1970’s have been referred to as “lawsuit models,” for their similarity in style and sound features to the Martin D-series guitars. The Takamine headstock inscription, in particular,...

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  • Aegidius Kloz in Mitten

    Aegidius Kloz in Mitten

    This is just an incredible instrument.  Aegidius Kloz made these violins in the late 1700's and they are very impressive.  Many of these violins have sold for over $5000.  This instrument has obviously had some repair over the years hence...

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  • Aria Diamond (1967)


    Aria Diamond (1967)

    Here we have an Aria Diamond that was made in Japan in 1967 and is still rockin'.  Of course it has play and travel wear throughout but that just adds to the character.  It still plays and sounds great.  Don't miss your chance to grab this...

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  • Armstrong USA 103 Open-Hole Flute C Foot

    Armstrong USA 103 Open-Hole Flute C Foot

    This flute is in great shape, no issues. The keys all feel snappy and responsive. it's very quick to play, and doesn't get in your way. New these go for $1200, so this is an absolute steal for this USA made Armstrong. This listing won't last for long so...

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  • Bear Head Violin

    Bear Head Violin

    This fiddle sounds just fantastic.  The Wolf's Head scroll is a very cool and unique feature that makes this really stand out.  Grab it today!!!!  

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  • Bundy Cornet Designed by Vincent Bach (H&A Selmer) USA


    Bundy Cornet Designed by Vincent Bach (H&A Selmer) USA

    This cornet is in great playing condition with only some superficial wear outer parts of the horn. The keys all play smoothly on this and feel broken in but still firm and responsive. This is a vintage made in the USA cornet which they certainly don't...

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  • Dorado Resonator Guitar 1971


    Dorado Resonator Guitar 1971

    Here we have a 1971 Dorado roundneck resonator guitar.  It is in fantastic shape and plays and sounds just as good.  Thanks for looking and contact us with any questions!

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