• 1958 Gibson Explorer Amp


    1958 Gibson Explorer Amp

    This 1958 amp has all new caps and new tubes.  The original speaker was replaced with a warehouse speaker.  This amp may cosmetically look like a 1958 amplifier, but when you turn it on this thing sounds like a brand new amp.  You don't...

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  • AKG 414 EB Nylon VINTAGE


    AKG 414 EB Nylon VINTAGE

    The AKG C414 EB, the second generation and most sought-after of the 414 series, introduced a second pad position (-20dB) and 3 high-pass filter options.The original capsule in the C414 EB was the "Brass" CK12, as used in the AKG C 12 and Telefunken ELA M...

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  • Bear Head Violin

    Bear Head Violin

    This fiddle sounds just fantastic.  The Wolf's Head scroll is a very cool and unique feature that makes this really stand out.  Grab it today!!!!  

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  • Fender Twin Reverb 1x15 1968 New caps/tubes


    Fender Twin Reverb 1x15 1968 New caps/tubes

    This amp rocks!  It has been recently upgraded with new caps and tubes and sounds absolutely killer.  The single 15" speaker gets that sound that only a 15 can.  Super cool amp that is very hard to find now days.  Of course feel free...

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  • Guild D-35 (1974)


    Guild D-35 (1974)

    This Guild D-35 will make a perfect gigging or studio guitar for the right player. Warm, woody tone and plenty of finish wear accrued over its lifetime. The guitar is totally stable and plays great - just a few bumps n' bruises from the road.  The...

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  • Kay Swingmaster K673 w/OHSC


    Kay Swingmaster K673 w/OHSC

    This is a super groovy early '60s Kay Swingmaster.  It has the three toaster tissue box pickups to give you a lot of tonal options.  It definitely has a nice classic look with the sunburst, block inlays, and checkered body binding.  This...

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  • Silvertone Jimmy Reed Thin Twin 1382L Sunburst 1956


    Silvertone Jimmy Reed Thin Twin 1382L Sunburst 1956

    How cool is this guitar.  This Silvertone was produced by Kay of Chicago. In the Kay catalogue it was known as the K161 and was endorsed by Jimmy Reed (the model is also known as the Jimmy Reed model). Sears marketed this guitar as the 1382L Thin...

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