• Dorado Resonator Guitar 1971


    Dorado Resonator Guitar 1971

    Here we have a 1971 Dorado roundneck resonator guitar.  It is in fantastic shape and plays and sounds just as good.  Thanks for looking and contact us with any questions!

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  • Fender 1978 Twin Reverb Mod


    Fender 1978 Twin Reverb Mod

    Here we have a 1978 Silverface Fender Twin Reverb that has the Blackface mod to it.  It has had some additional modifications throughout the years as well.  Keep in mind with the Blackface mod you lose the master volume control.  This...

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  • Framus Texan Vintage Acoustic Guitar (1960s)

    Framus Texan Vintage Acoustic Guitar (1960s)

    Up for sale here is a Framus Texan with a very far out pickguard! The neck on this guitar feels very much like an electric guitar, as it is thin in depth which is uncommon for acoustic guitars of this era. We suspect it is a 1960s model due to the...

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  • German Stradivarius Copy Fiddle

    German Stradivarius Copy Fiddle

    This is a super cool German made fiddle.  Regardless of how amazing it sounds it has very unique appointments.  Having the guitar style tuners is super cool.  Most places around town would ask three times what we are asking...  It is...

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  • Gibson 1951 A40 w/ OHSC


    Gibson 1951 A40 w/ OHSC

    This is a spectacular vintage Gibson Mandolin.  Given its age it is in phenomenal condition.  It obviously have play wear and some patina on the hardware but is in great playing condition and WOW does it sound good.  Grab this piece of...

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  • Gibson ES335 1977


    Gibson ES335 1977

    I remember the first time I played one of these guitars and I just knew that I had to own one.  There are endless copies of these out there, but they just don't come remotely close to the real thing.  If I had to pick one word to describe an...

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  • Hofner Committee 1960


    Hofner Committee 1960

    Here we have a 1960 Hofner Committee archtop acoustic guitar. This is an exceptional vintage specimen that plays and sounds great. The Committee was produced by Hofner from 1954 until 1969 and set the standard for acoustic archtops in its day...

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  • Hondo H1 Death Dagger Vintage Guitar

    Hondo H1 Death Dagger Vintage Guitar

    If you want the most 80s in-your-face guitar, then look no further than this totally rad axe! The single pickup on this guitar screams, and that's all that is needed on a guitar like this. This guitar has dings and chips, which we photographed most of...

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  • Proco RAT - 1986


    Proco RAT - 1986

    If you're looking at this you probably already know what's up.  These are quite rare at this point.  Proco had many different versions of this pedal and this is the second most sought after.  The most sought after would obviously be the...

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  • Rickenbacker Electro Lap Steel


    Rickenbacker Electro Lap Steel

    Here we have a vintage Rickenbacker Electro lap steel guitar that has many more years of playing ahead of it.  It sounds absolutely fantastic!  You definitely don't see these every day which always adds to the cool factor.  Come and check...

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  • Teisco EP-9T 60's


    Teisco EP-9T 60's

    This is one super groovy 1960's Tiesco Del Rey.  It is super lightweight but still carries some weight in the sound department.  This vintage instrument still has a lot of years left in it.  Check it out and let us know if you have any...

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